Amanda Ingram Clear Beginnings Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision in Halifax and Leeds

"I found Amanda so easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease. I was so pleased to find that I was able to make changes and feel happier after a few sessions ."

"Going to Amanda for counselling was easily the best choice I have ever made. After each session I left with a greater understanding of myself and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't be more thankful to Amanda for helping me change my life for the better."

"Working with Amanda undoubtedly helped me to become the person I wanted. Each week we discussed and worked on things that I wanted to share and we established where I wanted to grow and develop. Amanda's patience, kindness and knowledge really aided me to build upon our work each week. I have found I am now in a much more positive and healthy place, both mentally and emotionally, due to our great work together."

"Amanda was a huge support to me during a very low time in my life. I found her to be very non-judgemental and easy to talk to. I would not hesitate to recommend her, nor would I hesitate contacting her if I felt I needed someone to talk to."

"Amanda has really helped me to move through some heavy stuff where I felt quite stuck. She listened and allowed me the space to offload without interrupting. She was able to see themes that came up and gave me both practical solutions and emotional support to deal with them. I really felt heard by Amanda. She frequently checked that I was happy with the way the counselling was going and was happy to discuss anything I raised. I have moved forward significantly with stuff that I had been stuck with for many many years and have tools that I can now use to help me, moving forwards. Amanda has various methods of approaching things which I particularly liked. It meant if one suggestion didn’t work for me then I had other choices. I now have a variety of tools to choose depending on the situation."

"For years I had been trying so hard to overcome my anxiety and the trauma of losing my mum, but nothing seemed to help. That is until I started seeing Amanda. Just once a week over the course of maybe 4-6 moths helped me gradually start feel like my old self again, and I quickly learned how to manage my anxiety. I stopped obsessing over things I couldn't control, and became genuinely happy, the happiest I have been in years! I can't thank Amanda enough for making me 'me' again, working with her was the best decision I ever made."

"Sometimes it is difficult to admit you need to talk to someone about something, which brings you very far out of your comfort zone. I did not feel ready to talk face to face, but decided to trial a zoom based service, with Amanda. This allowed me to receive counselling within the comfort of my own home, keeping a foot on the ground and allowing (for a lack of a better term) a safe space. Reaching out to Amanda was a huge help to me in working through my issues. Immediately, Amanda presented herself in a caring, nonjudgmental manner, allowing me to feel comfortable sharing things with her - which by its own merit was cathartic. What I found the most helpful with Amanda is she is never trying to persuade you to do one thing or another thing, but rather looked for me to justify every detail and come to my own conclusions on if it was the right step to take. There were never any alternative suggestions or "are you sure?" type questions, but instead I was presented with a "okay, do that, just be mindful of this" once we had explored it in greater detail. Amanda has a fantastic way of helping you keep track of the big picture, to help keep you grounded while working productively to bettering your future. I am thankful for Amanda's time, patience, understanding and conversation - and I feel that if you are in need of reaching out to someone (both in person or via Zoom), you have found the perfect place to turn. I know if I am in need in the future, Amanda is the first person I will reach out to."

"I am eternally grateful for Amanda’s unwavering support and kindness. She provided me a safe space with no judgement where I could find my feet again. Amanda made me understand that the way I was feeling was completely valid at a time when I didn’t, and she really helped me learn an unbelievable amount about myself. I went to counselling to help get through a tough time and, not only did Amanda help through this, but she helped me with so much more. I left every session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. I now feel stronger and happier than I ever have. I have my confidence back. And I am no longer worried about the future and what that may bring. With Amanda’s help I now know that I can cope with anything that life may bring. I couldn’t recommend Amanda highly enough."

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